Echolology treats the book as a closed linguistic ecosystem while interrogating and indicting the English language’s communicative reliance on pronouns and their inherent hierarchy. This book performs an ecopraxis, incorporating inherited procedures and poetic forms (lipogram, cut-up technique, homophonic translation, erasure) co-opted to emphasize a green ethos in writing practice through reduction, recyclage, and reuse of language.

Not yet published. To learn more about the manuscript in progress and hear excerpts, please view the video above or below.
rawlings began writing and performing Echolology in 2007. The manuscript is still in process and has not yet been published as a book, though excerpts from the manuscript have appeared in numerous literary journals.

༄ How2 published “Owlution vs. Wolvolution.”
༄ Nypoesi and Matrix Magazine published versions of “The New Canadian Pornography.”
༄ The Capilano Review published part of “The Owls of North” and “The Wolves of North” for its erasure poetry special issue.
༄ Matrix published “The Great Canadian Query” as the essay “Why am I here?”, the Snellen eye charts of “I, we” and “EFH,” and “Morhymns.”
༄ The Goose published an early draft of four pages (“The Great White North” and “The Great Canadian Query”) of Environment Canada under different titles and in much different forms.
༄ Prism International published “Signs of Whom,” “Signs of Endangerment,” “Signs of Extinction,” “Signs of Others,” “Signs of Possession,” “Signs of Alchemorphism,” “Signs of Infestation,” and “Signs of Life.”
༄ Tregawött and The New Icelandic Canadian Poetry (BookThug) published “Maður hittir eðli.”
No Press (based in Calgary) published “The Great Canadian” as a broadside in 2011. Paper Books reprinted it on their website in 2012.
༄ dANDelion, in Spring 2011, published the series from “Mother Nurture” to “Nowhere.”
༄ Zumbar Press (based in San Francisco) published “The Great Canadian Pornography” as a broadside in 2011.
༄ CNC Broadside Series (based in Prince George) published “owlution vs. wolvolution” as a broadside in 2007.
༄ Open Letters Monthly published “The Great Canadian” and “Endangerment Legend / Engenderment Log” as their August 2011 monthly poetry feature.
༄ / (aka Forward Slash), a new zine of Canadian/Australian work published by Jeremy Bailus and friend, has requested to publish “The Great Canadian,” “The Great Canadian Injuries,” and “Wolves’ Enemies.” Forthcoming.
༄ Almost Island (online web journal co-edited by Vivek Naranayian) published “The North Suite” from Environment Canada in their August 2011 issue.
༄ ​​​​​​​The Capilano Review (Brook Houglam) published work from Environment Canada in their Winter 2012 issue.

Echolology has been performed in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Iceland, The Netherlands, and USA. Maja Jantar and I are collaborating on a performance version of the text; you can see and hear versions of this performance at PennSound. Matt Ceolin and I are collaborating on the visuals; the image displayed on this page is a maquette of a new font in development by Matt.