online writing sessions curated and facilitated by a rawlings

MOONLINE is an online creative laboratory for folks who enjoy the workshop format as a way to generate new material and discuss creation/development processes. In MOONLINE, I foreground (w)reading (writing through reading) strategies as well as environmental and sensorial attunements. Throughout the coming moon cycles, guest artists and writers may be invited to facilitate sessions.

MOONLINE has a flexible attendance structure to allow writers to join as best suits their interests, needs, and availability. This means you can ‘drop in’ for a session, without obligation to commit to a full sequence or series of workshops.

MOONLINE commenced in April 2020 and features a different theme for each lunar cycle. This has, to date, included ecosystem attunement, pronouns, becoming-with the more-than-human, and futures/the speculative.

LENGTH: Each session is 1 hour
WHEN: Weekly aligned with the lunar cycle, 19:00 GMT


New Moon
Plant new seeds of desire.
We try our hand with a writing exercise. Exercises are selected through the previous directions requested by lab participants.

Waxing Quarter Moon
Take action on desire.
We explore one assigned text through a (w)reading exercise.

Full Moon
Nourish through creative energy and intuition.
We embrace a writing exercise based on physical attunement or divinatory practices.

Waning Quarter Moon
Direct, reflect, and guide.
We hone our editing and feedback skills.

After a full year of lunar cycles, MOONLINE is in hiatus until further notice.

Each session is €10 (1500 ISK, 100 SEK, CAD $15). If you’re interested in attending more than one session per lunar cycle, I would recommend looking into a Patreon subscription as subscribers have adjusted discounts for MOONLINE attendance.

WOLVES (€10): Join one session free per lunar cycle.
MOOSE (€15): Join two sessions free per lunar cycle.
LOVES (€25): Access to all sessions included in your membership.

Contact angela at anarcheologia@gmail.com for info or to register.