FUKL (Forlag undra, kærleika, lista) is the umbrella name for a curatorial platform which positions its ecological emphasis in the crux of climate crisis and biodiversity loss. 

FUKL is an Icelandic neologism combining ‘fugl’ (‘bird’) with ‘kukl’ (‘magic’). 

FUKL emphasizes travel (w)reading, conversations with landscapes, theatre of the rural, eco-ritual, and site-respondent performance as the basis for the eco-curatorial projects it features. 

FUKL is modelled after Klimaaksjon (Norwegian Writers’ Climate Campaign) and Denmark’s Laboratory for
Aesthetics and Ecology.

FUKL aims to address the necessity for local ecosystem engagement and awareness at a time of a global crises. Let’s make no mistake: the COVID-19 pandemic is correlated to the climate crisis and anthropogenic impacts on our ecosystems. 

FUKL supports the drive and desire to write through these crises' collective trauma. 

FUKL provides creative tools through the lens of artistic research for our continued resilience in the face of such crises.