The Great Canadian
by a rawlings and Chris Turnbull
Low Frequency Press

"The Great Canadian" is a medium-bending collaborative effort between poet a rawlings and photographer Chris Turnbull. With images from their collaboration for Turnbull’s ongoing, site-specific rout/e project and text from rawlings’ forthcoming echolology, as well as a q-code link to a recording of rawlings reading an excerpt of the text, The Great Canadian represents an intersection of multiple trajectories. 

The work dances one-sided on and beyond the margins of 23 unbound 7″x7″ sheets of translucent vellum, packaged in a letter-pressed brown-bag envelope. 

Copies are available for USD$12, plus shipping, on the Low Frequency purchase page.

The Great White North
by a rawlings
Broken Dimanche Press 

“Language litters an ecosystem. Language inscribes a horizon. Language howls." The Great White North explores the intertwining of place and language, and the im/possibilities of writing a 'here'. 

The publication is part of the Parapoetics Series, co-published with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, and with cover designs created by André Fuchs (Fuchs Borst), who works conceptually with patterns, translating geometries found in nature that follow fractal, aleatory and aperiodic structures. The Parapoetics Series is an investigation into the array of possibilities and problems for a transspecies semiotics in various aesthetic modulations. 

Copies are available for €7, plus shipping, through the Broken Dimanche website. 

Graphic design by Fuchs Borst, 4 pages, 12x20cm, ISBN 978-87-998667-4-8, printed by We Make It and bound by hand.

"On Listening around the North Atlantic," Sonic Art Research Unit (Oxford Brookes University, 2023)
"Ecolinguistic Activism: How and Why to Rite," Narrating Life (Brill, 2016)
"Five Meditations on Desire and Loss near Glacial Moraines," Scapegoat (2015/6)
"RUSL: Trash in Iceland," Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (Vol. 7 Issue 1)

Six Essays on Dance and Poetry for Action, Yes!, Autumn 2012.
Consulate Section. Guest curator for international contributions to Joyland Poetry, 2012.
Asemic Writing for Samplekanon, Summer 2012.
Sound, Poetry. Guest editor of feature on European sound poetry for Jacket2, 2010-2012.
a.rawlings reads Donato Mancini for Lemon Hound, October 2008.

Other essays, artist statements, and guest editing can be found in assorted print publications.

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