si tu (Croatian): are you here?
si tu (French): if you
in situ (Latin): on site
In a Zagreb monument, five women navigate relationships to space, self, another. If you, a body. If you, in relation to a body any body another body. To how. And for whom. These relationships unfold over two hours via Marjana Krajač’s choreography Variations on Sensitive
angela rawlings arrives a little late to Variations on Sensitive, and with cherries. She moves and is moved by the extraordinary relationships performed by the women. A little late and with cherries, she writes. With eyes fixed on the performers, she improvises her hand over sixty notebook pages, making and marking si tu as an unplanned composition with and through the performed moment.

“[Flips through book.] Classic rawlings. [Lands mid-book.] How do you pronounce this: ‘č, š’? [Turns page.] ‘Cherries, chanterelles…’ OOOOOooooooooooh hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahaha.” — Sachiko Murakami